High Compressive Strength

XPS Foam Boards for Transport Infrastructure Projects

You can count on our reliable extruded polystyrene foam boards to ensure smooth transportation and safety for vehicles.

High-speed railways with powerful waterproof XPS boards reduce vibration while withstanding collapse. For cold environments, the strength of our extruded polystyrene foam boards prevent frosting. Our extrusion process prevents water from seeping through while maximizing the durability and strength of our boards. Through this, roads and bridges will be usable for long periods, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and saving on manpower and expenses.

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Strong Features Handling Different Tasks

Our extrusion and manufacturing process increases the lifespan and usability of our XPS foam boards for reduced labor costs.


Ultra High Compressive Strength

Our XPS boards possess increased compressive strength that withstand high pressures under much weight and vehicular traffic.


Low Water Absorption and Expansion Ratio

Our boards have a lower linear expansion and water absorption to eliminate moisture, withstanding settlement of roadbed.


Long Durability

The closed-cell structure of our XPS boards offers high dimensional stability to avoid embankment frost heaving in alpine areas for a long lifespan.

Technical Specifications

Through the strong structure of our XPS boards, highways and bridges can be used for long periods with little need for maintenance.

Thermal ConductivityCompressive StrengthWater Vapor TransmissionRate of Water AbsorptionLevel of Flame Retardant
0.027 W/mK100kPa - 1000kPaLess than 3 ng/(Pa·s·m2)Less than 1%GB8624-2012: B1 Level

Extend the Life of Highways and Bridges

Through our extrusion process, we create a uniform and chemically stable structure in each extruded polystyrene foam board combining high waterproofness, great compressive strength and anti-corrosion performance.

The transport infrastructure insulation solution that utilizes our XPS foam boards works for longer periods and guarantees the public safety.

Higher Return of Investments at Lower Costs

As we introduced earlier, our materials are durable, which saves maintenance costs and increases the ROI of transport infrastructure projects.

In addition, our research in machine efficiency and foaming technology enables us to produce more high-performing XPS insulation boards at lower cost. Working with us can help you achieve your short and long-term budget goals.


Fully Customizable XPS Insulation Boards

We have different options for customizing our XPS boards to enhance their performance for roads and bridges while ensuring high ROIs.


Width: 600-1200mm; Thickness: 20-100mm; Length: Customizable


We provide various color masterbatch that comprises full color choices to diversify and personalize your XPS boards.

Excellent Compressive Ability

Compressive Strength

Choose different levels of compressive strength for our XPS foam boards from 100 to 1000 kPa to resist impacts to work in transportation.


Fire Retardant Property

We can choose to add flame retardants to our XPS insulation boards to meet international standards.

For Various Transportation Applications

Our versatile XPS foam boards are customizable for various transportation insulation solutions.

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