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Insulation Solution for Cold Storage

Ourgreen provides an efficient XPS insulation board solution for various refrigeration units. Each of our XPS foam board consists of 99% closed-cell structure, forming a vacuum layer to prevent chilled air from escaping and heat from entering the insulated area. The layer also prevents the build-up of moisture that can degrade the cold storage’s insulation capabilities.

We are the benchmark for other XPS insulation board manufacturers to follow by utilizing advanced CO2 foaming technology, producing a foam board with outstanding compressive strength. By accomplishing the demands among food, biopharmaceutical, flowers, and various producers, we help you bring in numerous clients across different markets. Inquire about our customization service today!

Solution-Oriented Cold Storage Benefits

We manufacture XPS foam boards that address the challenges in cold storage applications.


First-Class Heat Preservation Effect

The closed-cell structure of our XPS foam board provides optimized thermal conductivity to prevent heat from penetrating the board.


Customizable Dimensions

Our advanced production line allows us to produce XPS foam boards with width of 600-1200mm and thickness of 20-100mm.


Excellent Compressive Ability

The uniform distribution of materials and the use of the CO2 blowing agent have given our XPS foam board superior compressive strength against impact damages.


Long Durability

The stable chemical structure and physical composition of our XPS foam board significantly reduce its aging rate, giving our XPS foam boards a longer lifespan.


Minimum Condensation and Freeze

With a volumetric water absorption rate of less than 1%, our XPS insulation board does not retain any water and is less likely to form ice crystals.


Green Materials

We use the latest CO2 foaming technology to make a high-grade XPS insulation board without incorporating any materials that harm the ozone layer.

Advanced Insulation Performance for Cold Storage

As the numbers show, Ourgreen provides an efficient XPS foam board solution for cold storage applications.

Thermal ConductivityCompressive StrengthWater Vapor TransmissionRate of Water AbsorptionLevel of Flame Retardant
0.027 W/mK100kPa - 1000kPaLess than 3 ng/(Pa·s·m2)Less than 1%GB8624-2012: B1 Level

Supply Power Efficient Heat Insulation Solution

By providing an efficient insulation solution to cold storage, our extruded polystyrene foam boards reduce the unit’s power consumption in maintaining the inner chamber’s temperature.

Our XPS foam boards are made with advanced CO2 foaming tech to create a 99% closed cell structure to prevent heat from escaping. The power efficiency that our XPS board provides makes it marketable among businesses within different industries.

Profit-Focused XPS Insulation Boards

Our factory is equipped with the latest production lines that can manufacture bulk amounts of quality XPS foam boards. The automatized and uniform mixing of raw materials allow us to reduce production costs while ensuring our XPS boards meet strict industry standards.

The competitive pricing of our high-grade XPS insulation boards helps you achieve a high ROI. Contact our sales team to make a difference today!


Full-Range Custom Solution

Ourgreen can manufacture XPS foam boards with your specifications, helping you complete specific requirements or achieve brand goals.


Width: 600-1200mm; Thickness: 20-100mm; Length: Customizable


Apart from our standard white and yellow colors, we offer a rich selection of colors for a minimum order amount only.

Excellent Compressive Ability

Compressive Strength

While our XPS foam boards have superior compressive strength, we can adjust the rigid structure to fit any cold storage requirements.


Fire Retardant Property

Our customization service lets you add a flame retardant additive to bolster our XPS insulation boards’ fire prevention quality.

For Any Structure in Building a Cold Storage

Our versatile XPS insulation boards are customizable and easy to be cut to suit specific shapes and sizes for various cold storage needs.

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