Our Capable R&D Department

Ourgreen has its R&D center consisting of 4,000 square meters dedicated to our XPS insulation board solutions. Our research team is responsible for performance optimization of our extruded polystyrene foam boards and production lines, including CO2 foaming technology that can satisfy market demands for optimized insulation solutions.

Ourgreen ensures that our R&D backed insulation board solutions will help you achieve nearly all of your business goals.

Quality Focused R&D Direction

We aim to be a national brand that offers environment-friendly XPS boards that can add value to your brand and projects.

The production of our XPS insulation boards calls for the use of CO2 foaming technology instead of HCFCs.

HCFCs contain harmful substances that affect the ozone layer and surrounding environment. While CO2 foaming technology is a greener solution that can improve any company’s environmental-friendly practices.

Our R&D team is committed to bringing down the cost of XPS foam boards while keeping most of its market-appealing qualities.

Backed by CO2 blowing technology to enhance the strong structure of the XPS insulation boards, we introduce large screw extruders to properly decrease the density of the boards and save your costs.

Groundbreaking Honors/Patents

Our capable R&D team has several developed systems/products, patents, honors, and certificates over the years.