XPS Insulation Board

Functional XPS Insulation Board

Ourgreen is a market-leading supplier providing superior XPS insulation board with versatile properties for various markets. Our boards have 99% of closed cells to achieve better thermal resistance than other insulation materials. The structure also provides our board with low linear expansion to have incredibly good dimensional stability. We also make B1/B2 grade flame-resistant XPS foam boards.

Versatility is the key aspect of our production capabilities, allowing us to provide you with specific XPS foam boards for different applications. Our fully automated line can efficiently manufacture various sized boards within the expected period. We can complete bulk orders of high-grade XPS foam boards even during peak periods, allowing you to address trending market demands.

Our flexible and high-performance XPS insulation board helps wholesalers meet their client expectations while firms can complete nearly most construction projects with our bulk foam boards. Contact our sales team today!

Market-Leading Insulation Board Properties

We take into account the challenges among industries to address their business requirements.


Thermal Insulation

By utilizing advanced foaming tech to achieve the uniform cell structure, we can ensure a thermal conductivity of only 0.027W/m.K. The thermal insulation capabilities ensure there is minimal heat dissipation where our boards are installed.


Long-Lasting Durability

Dimensionally stable, high compressive strength, rot-proof, and moisture resistant features of our extruded polystyrene foam boards make it durable among all applications, even in the most demanding work environments.


Sound Insulation

All of our XPS foam boards create an efficient muffling effect thanks to its closed-cell structure that obstructs the passage of sound. The muffling qualities of our board can improve the quality of life among property owners.


Water-Proof Property

The molecular structure of our XPS foam board prevents it from absorbing any moisture, preventing water from breaching any compartment. Ourgreen boards can prevent expensive property or product damages caused by moisture.


Compressive Strength

Through the utilization of CO2 foaming agents, all of our XPS foam boards have superior compressive strength to resist intense pressure. Ourgreen boards provide superior protection to any products against impact and shock damages.


Flame Resistance

We incorporate high-grade flame retardant additives to prevent our XPS insulation boards to start or spread a fire. Our boards’ flame retardant qualities can provide fire protection to ensure safety among any construction project.


Brand Building Customization Options

We provide a full-range customization service that lets you adjust the specifications of our XPS foam board. You can also integrate your company’s logo, name, and graphics onto our XPS boards.

Our professional designers can provide consultation on getting the most out of our service to help you achieve your branding goals and construction project requirements.

Want to Build Your Own XPS Board Production Line?

Ourgreen is capable of manufacturing automatized production lines to create high-grade XPS insulation boards while minimizing your costs.

Our experts offer in-depth consultation on custom production lines based on your expected capacity, factory layout, project budget, and other factors. We can provide a tailor-made solution to help you meet your business requirement.


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