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Roof and Wall Insulation Solution

Ourgreen XPS foam board has a closed-cell rate of 99% that creates a vacuum layer to prevent airflow and heat from seeping through, making it an ideal insulation material. The versatile features of our XPS insulation boards make it suitable for both steel and concrete structures.

As a professional XPS foam board supplier, we utilize the latest production lines to finely process quality raw materials, manufacturing extruded polystyrene foam boards with high compressive strength. Incorporating carbon dioxide as our blowing agent further improves the uniformity and durability of our boards.  

The superior insulation capacity of our XPS boards and advanced manufacturing process help you meet the demand among numerous property owners in your target market.

Superior XPS Insulation Board Benefits

Utilizing the latest CO2 foaming technology ensures that our XPS insulation board meets any property owners’ requirements.


Durability as Long as the Building

Stable chemical properties and physical structure ensure our XPS boards' durability under heavy loads for any architecture applications.


Ultra Heat Preservation Effect

With 6 times better thermal insulation than cement perlite, our XPS board is an ideal material for insulated roof and wall solutions.


Convenient for Site Construction

Our XPS boards are light for easy installing without affecting the bearing capacity of the structure, and can be cut on site for quick construction.


Water-Proof Layers

Structured by closed cells, our XPS insulation board has excellent water resistance to protect the roof, wall, and underfloor from being damp.


Good Sound Insulation Effect

Using CO2 foaming technology to produce uniform cells, our XPS boards can effectively isolate noise to meet the need for privacy.


Safe Materials

100% pure polystyrene with stable chemical properties won't generate harmful substances even in the high temperature environment.

XPS Insulation Board Performance in Numbers

You can see below how the XPS insulation board is the best proper roof and wall insulation solution.

Thermal ConductivityCompressive StrengthWater Vapor TransmissionRate of Water AbsorptionLevel of Flame Retardant
0.027 W/mK100kPa - 1000kPaLess than 3 ng/(Pa·s·m2)Less than 1%GB8624-2012: B1 Level

Improving Building Lifespan with Our XPS Foam Boards

The superior compressive strength, dimensional stability, and chemical durability of our XPS insulation boards ensure a long service life of interior insulation. Each of our boards also has a water-proof quality that prevents leaks from causing structural damage.

Ourgreen XPS insulation board solution can reduce maintenance costs while increasing lifespan, making our XPS board appealing within the real estate market. Contact our sales team today!

Eco-Friendly and Solution-Oriented CO2 Foaming Tech

We use CO2 foaming technology instead of HCFCs, ensuring that each of our XPS foam boards does not damage our ozone layer. The tech also allows XPS insulation boards to have several benefits such as the dense structure and flame retardant properties.

Our superior XPS foam board meets nearly all market demands while providing a green roof and wall insulation solution for any projects.


Comprehensive XPS Board Customization

Ourgreen can manufacture XPS foam boards to meet any building or construction requirements through our full-range customization service.


Width: 600-1200mm; Thickness: 20-100mm; Length: Customizable


While our XPS insulation boards come in either yellow or white, we have different colors available for a minimum order quantity.

Excellent Compressive Ability

Compressive Strength

We can adjust the density of our XPS foam boards by modifying the blowing agent, providing board for specific building construction requirements.


Fire Retardant Property

Our XPS foam boards can be customized to be fire retardant B1 or B2 grade.

For Any Applications in Construction Projects

Our versatile XPS insulation boards are customizable and easy to be cut to suit specific shapes and sizes for various applications.

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