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Get XPS foam boards for your bulk wholesale business.

Or build XPS foam board production lines for lifetime manufacturing.

All Eyes On XPS

Ourgreen manufactures durable extruded polystyrene foam boards and efficient XPS board production lines that provide good use and high ROI.

Our XPS boards feature incredible compressive strength to ensure long-lasting use, offering cost-effective solutions by reducing the need for constant maintenance.

Besides XPS insulation boards, we also provide production lines with large capacity to help produce more XPS boards efficiently and reduce waste accumulation.

Strong Properties Behind Versatile XPS Insulation Boards

Manufactured with diverse properties, our boards handle different tasks to serve for longer periods.

Remarkable Heat Preservation Effect

With the thermal conductivity of only 0.027W/m.K, our XPS foam boards are ideal for any heat preservation tasks.

Excellent Compressive Ability

Excellent Compressive Ability

Having compressive strength from 100kPa to 1000kPa, our boards work well in different environment to withstand strong impact.

Long Lifespan

Long Lifespan

The stability of polystyrene gives our XPS insulation board longer service life, making it usable for more than 30 years.

Great Water Resistance

Great Water Resistance

Closed cell structures in our XPS boards ensure low water absorption and high moisture resistance to keep layers from being damp.


Reliable Flame Retardation

Our boards are compliant with B1 flame standards to reduce fire hazards and ensure greater end-user safety.


Favorable Sound Insulation

Thanks to the closed cell structure, our XPS boards are soundproof for home and entertainment venues to reduce noise transmission.



Make It for Your Needs and Your Market

In enhancing or adjusting properties, we customize our XPS boards to function well in any application. Production lines can be customized for faster mass production and waste reduction for higher ROIs.

As a capable XPS insulation board manufacturer, we can completely customize the boards or production lines according to your product requirements and budget.

Well-Engineered Machines Ensure the Quality

Our state-of-the-art machines provide a solid foundation for the consistent quality of both the XPS board and production lines.

Automatic Feeding System


Automatic Feeding System

The precision of materials dose plays an important role in the final quality of XPS insulation boards.

We use METTLER TOLEDO weighing scales to ensure accurate input, and design an automatic mixer to improve mixing uniformity.

CO2 Injection System


CO2 Injection System

CO2 foaming technology and machines empower the XPS insulation boards featuring a high rate of closed cells and replacing HCFCs.

We use TRICOR mass flow meters to control accurate CO2 gas input. You can find the quality of our XPS foam board will be more consistent.

Large Screw Extruder


Large Screw Extruder

By using our large screw extruders, you can get larger capacity of XPS insulation boards.

With our capabilities in engineering XPS production machines, you can get quality XPS foam boards at a lower production cost.

Multi-Roller Haul-off Machine


Multi-Roller Haul-off Machine

Our Multi-Roller Haul-off Machine ensures good thickness and smooth surface of XPS boards.

For all sizes and thickness of XPS insulation boards that you need, we can handle them perfectly with our advanced machines.

Why Choose Ourgreen

Our creative experts handle quality manufacturing processes and services, adding more value to your business choices.


Talented R&D

Over the years, our R&D team has been studying market demand, designing, and developing powerful XPS board solutions to meet industry challenges at an affordable price.


ISO-Certified Factory

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of XPS insulation boards and production lines, Ourgreen is committed to delivering high-quality solutions for your business.


Turnkey Services

Trust in our expert team to provide the most responsive consultation and after-sales services to reach your target markets and make your business more efficient.

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