Know Your Needs,
Supply the Right Solution.

With comprehensive knowledge in polystyrene foaming and mechanical engineering, our team provides consultation to accurately analyze your needs and address them.

We help you find an efficient solution among our product range for any application or business requirements you may have. Our insightful consultation helps you achieve goals in both XPS insulation boards and production lines.

Full-Range Customization Options

From XPS foam boards to production lines, Ourgreen helps you achieve any branding requirements.

Custom XPS Foam Board

We can modify our XPS foam boards to have the right specifications that match the requirements for your marketing and project goals.

White, Yellow, and More Custom Colors
Compressive Strength
100kPa - 1000kPa
Fire Retardant Property
Made to Order

Tailor-Made XPS Board Production Line

Our custom production line with various configurations can optimally achieve your production targets within controlled cost.

Foaming Agent Injection System
CO2 and Others
Level of Automation
Made to Order

Production of Both XPS Foam Boards and Machines

Ourgreen is the benchmark for market-leading XPS foam board factory by investing in our factory workspace of 24,000 square meters and its XPS equipment and XPS foam board production workshops.

We have an annual production rate of 50 XPS production lines and 200,000 M³ of foam boards, ensuring your orders are completed even during peak season.


Performance-Focused QC System

To guarantee that all of our XPS foam boards and production lines can meet the industry strict standards, we implemented an efficient quality control policy that calls for several tests and inspections.

We utilize advanced measuring instruments to check on the qualities of our boards such as our Compressive Strength Tester and Oxygen Index Meter. Our dedication to quality helps you garner brand loyalty.

Value-Added After-Sales Services

Ourgreen ensures a positive transaction by providing useful services with your purchase of our foam boards and production lines.

Spare Parts

All XPS production lines come with a 12-month quality assurance service coverage. Should an issue caused by our manufacturing practice occur while the machine is within the guarantee period, we can send free parts replacement to address the issue.

On-Site Services

We have a technical team who can provide on-site guidance in assembly as well as training the staff in using the production line. Our team can even conduct a trial operation of our equipment to ensure the stable bulk production of your XPS boards. 

Technical Support

You can find manuals and other useful documentation through our Downloads page. Our technical team can also provide free online consultation when troubleshooting any issue or guidance on using our production line.

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