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XPS Boards for Cold Chain Applications

Our durable XPS foam boards have a 99% closed cell ratio to withstand impacts while in cold chain storage and distribution. Through their stable chemical properties, our XPS insulation boards guarantee excellent performance for several years for higher returns and reduced maintenance.

We use advanced CO2 tech and twin screw extruders to ensure high density and compressive strength. Grab our extruded polystyrene foam boards today at negotiable MOQs!

Multifunctional XPS Board Features

The different features of our boards address many challenges in cold chains to lower any costs and improve your business performance.


Lasting Heat Insulation

Preserving the quality of food and other products, our XPS boards keep the temperature stable during cold chain storage and distribution.


Excellent Water Resistance

To avoid frosting and condensation, our XPS foam boards stop moisture to increase shelf life, requiring little maintenance and replacement.


High Compressive Resistance

Through a tight and uniform cell structure, our XPS boards are strong to prevent any damage to cold chain storage containers.


Stable Chemical Properties

Using 100% virgin polystyrene and CO2 agents, our XPS foam boards come with chemical stability for durability and end-user safety all at once.


Easy to Install

Easily installed by any end user, the honeycomb structure of our XPS boards make them lightweight as they are easy to cut and transport.


Environmentally Friendly Boards

Using CO2 as our foaming agent, our XPS foam boards prevent HCFCs from damaging the ozone layer.

Technical Dimensions for Every XPS Board

Our efficient manufacturing process enables us to create powerful XPS boards capable of handling multiple tasks and meeting different needs.

Thermal ConductivityCompressive StrengthWater Vapor TransmissionRate of Water AbsorptionLevel of Flame Retardant
0.027 W/mK100kPa - 1000kPaLess than 3 ng/(Pa·s·m2)Less than 1%GB8624-2012: B1 Level

A Consistent 99% Closed Cell Rate

In our extrusion process, we use eco-friendly CO2 as our foaming agent to create a uniform cell structure within our boards.

These features result in high thermal resistance, low water absorption, low expansion rate and overall optimum performance that translates to long-lasting use. The durability and compressive strength of our boards reduce maintenance costs and labor. Try a free sample!

Create Safe Cold Chain Insulation Solution

Made from 100% polystyrene and CO2 agents, our XPS boards have been manufactured with a strong structure that eliminates the production of waste and hazardous chemicals.

Preventing gas pollution ensures that goods transported in cold chains are not spoiled and kept safe for end-user consumption. Excellent compressive strength improves impact resistance for cold chain cars. Buy our boards now!


Custom Features for Optimum Performance

Personalized XPS boards with various structural options are perfect for improving the productivity of cold chain transportation.


Width: 600-1200mm; Thickness: 20-100mm; Length: Customizable


A wide selection of colors is available in our color masterbatch to provide our boards with personalized hues that express your brand.

Excellent Compressive Ability

Compressive Strength

Using CO2 as our blowing agent, our XPS boards ensure the uniform density of closed cells, with strengths ranging from 100kPa to 1000kPa.


Fire Retardant Property

Different degrees of flame retardants can be added as an option to ensure fire resistance and reduce any hazards during food transportation.

For Any Cold Chain Needs

Our versatile XPS insulation boards are customizable and easy to be cut to suit specific shapes and sizes for various cold chain needs.

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