Ultimate Guide of XPS Foam Board

In this post, I will tell you what is XPS board, XPS Iinsulation board technical data, application, fire classfication and so on. Let us dive in!
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What is XPS foam board?

XPS is a thermal insulation board of extruded polystyrene, having a smooth surface to prevent the formation of thermal bridges.Due to its excellent property of Thermal Resistance, it is widely applied in areas such as Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, Floor Insulation, Swimming Pools, Heavy Industrial Floor, Cold Storage, Ice Rink Base, Logistic Truck Manufacturing as well as High Speed Railway Base.

XPS Foam Board
XPS Foam Board

XPS insulation board technical data


Panel Size
Skin Condition Skin-on/Planed/Grooved
PackingWater-proof Plastic Bag

XPS board applications

Roof Insulation/Wall Insulation/Floor Insulation

XPS foam board is widely applied for insulation in housing Industrialization for long-term thermal resistance, almost closed pores gain advantage over PU as 80% & excellent water resistance.

XPS Insulation Board
XPS Insulation Board

Composite Panel

XPS Insulation Board widely used in decorative and thermal panel. These XPS panels can be used in external wall, internal room, metro, tunnel, laboratory desk, hospital partition and furniture.

Cold Storage/Cold Chain Logistic Truck

XPS is a thermal insulation board of extruded polystyrene, having a Planed and Grooved surface applicable for Cold Chain Logistic Truck Body Manufacturing.

Ice Rink Foundation/Road Foundation

Extruded polystyrene board can be used as foundation pavement, airport road expressway, etc. XPS polystyrene foam effectively alleviate the ground collapse caused by road leakage because of waterproof and lightweight.

XPS Foam prevents penetration of moisture, decrease damage of extreme weather on road base, minimize frost and prolong its life, so as to ensure traffic safety. Usually 500kpa, 700kpa XPS Insulation Board are applied in this special area.

High Compression XPS Board
High Compression XPS Board

High-speed Railway/Airport Runway

What kinds of XPS board can used in high-speed Railway?

High Compression X700 Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board is a thermal insulation board of extruded polystyrene, bearing a Compression Strength of 700Kpa, having a smooth surface to prevent the formation of thermal bridges. Due to its Extra High Compression Strength and good Thermal Resistance, it is widely applied in China High Speed Railway Base . The XPS layer in such use prevent railway from damages caused by freeze thaw.

Plastic Packing XPS Foam Board
Plastic Packing XPS Foam Board

How high compression strength XPS board was produced?

The Blowing Agent of CO2 is added in the formulation in order to reach a Compression Strength of 700Kpa. The CO2 tends to make smaller pore size and make density as high as 50Kg/m3, which enables XPS to bear higher Compression Strength. The existence of CO2 presents higher System Pressure requirement to the extruder. Due to boiling point of CO2 is as low as – 78.4 degree, the Extruding System Pressure must be kept around 25Mpa to maintain its liquid state, which means Mould can not be opened largely. This also determines that thickness greater than 50mm at 700Kpa is difficult to produce.

Technical Parameters of High Compression XPS Foam Board

High Compression XPS Foam Board Technical Parameters

Apparent DensityKg/M343 – 53
Thermal ConductivityW/(m∙k)10℃ ≦ 0.035
25℃ ≦ 0.038
Shear StrengthKpa≧ 300
Compression StrengthKpa≧ 700
Elasticity ModulusMpa38 – 42
Closed-cell Rate%≧ 95
Dimensional Stability%≦5
Fire BehaviourC
High Compression XPS Foam Board Technical Parameters

Wind Blade

XPS insulation board is softer, and it will be a certain buffer when people step on it. Extruded polystyrene foam board is a thermal insulation board of extruded polystyrene, bearing a compression strength of 700Kpa, having a smooth surface to prevent the formation of thermal bridges.

60mm XPS Board
60mm XPS Board

Advantages of XPS Foam Board

  • Long term thermal resistance;
  • Extra Long Durability;
  • Excellent Water Resistance;
  • High Compression Strength;
  • Remarkable Fire Resistance;
  • Outstanding Sound Absorption;
  • Reputed Green Product.

Fire Classification of XPS Foam Board

XPS Foam board has to meet fire classification requirement of at least B2 Grade in China. According to China National Standard GB/T 2406.2, B2 Grade corresponds to an Oxygen Index of > 26 while B1 Grade corresponds to and Oxygen Index of >30. Customer is sometimes more interested in how those China Fire Classification Grade matches European Standard. Well, general speaking, B1 Grade in China National Standard equals to Grade B & C in EN 13501 while B2 Grade in China equals to Grace D & E in Europe.

Plastic Packing XPS Board with OURGREEN Logo
Plastic Packing XPS Board with OURGREEN Logo

How to choose XPS board in different applications?

When XPS is installed for building insulation, as being used together with Roof / Wall / Floor, a thickness of less than 50mm is enough. In area such as Cold Chain Logistic Truck manufacturing, Cold Storage, Insulation board at thickness of 75mm / 100mm or more is preferred. Especially in Cold Storage, where release of cold is critical. People tend to require large panel like 2440X1220X100mm or even 2440X1220X150mm. In this case XPS Extrusion Line with small capacity is far from enough. Bigger Extruder with higher capacity of 800-1500 Kg/h is expected.

XPS Insulation in XPS Production Line
XPS Insulation in XPS Production Line

Phase-out of Freon as Blowing Agent in Styrofoam Insulation Board Production

Styrofoam Insulation Board, at its early stage, is produced with Blowing Agents of HCFC, a kind of Freon. Freon technology is easily accessible for many manufacturers. However, as Freon damages Ozone Layer, it is generally recognized that Freon must be phased out world wide, which is plan of UNIDO.

More and more XPS manufacturers apply CO2 as well as other non-freon gases in XPS production, making final XPS Foam Board totally eco-friendly. We are contributing to environment protection by replacing Freon. Together we build our green world!


Phase-out Plan of HCFC in China

  • From 2013, Freeze HCFC production and consumption to the average amount of year 2009 and 2010 and set it as a Base Amount;
  • By 2015, reduce 10% of the Base Amount;
  • By 2020, reduce 35% of the Base Amount;
  • By 2025, reduce 67.5% of the Base Amount;
  • By 2030, fully stop use of HCFCs.

11 Factors that Affect Styrofoam Board Price


For example, most customer demands 35mm-85mm thickness, if the thickness required is the same as above, the price will lower than other different thickness.


As you know, density is closely related to the producing cost of Styrofoam Board. The higher density you need, of course the price is higher too.


Normally we have three kinds of surface, Smooth or withskin surface, grooved surface and rough surface. Smooth or withskin surface is the cheapest.

Planned and Grooved Extruded Polystyrene Insulation
Planned and Grooved Extruded Polystyrene Insulation

Compression Strength

The compression strength is relates to density. The higher compression strength you need, the density of XPS Foam Board will higher, of course the price is higher than usual compression strength Styrofoam Board.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity is a property of styrofoam board to conduct heat throughout. The lower thermal conductivity, the warmer the material. Thermal conductivity of XPS foam is 0.029–0.032 (25±5) ˚С, W/(m*K).

Fire rating

There are 3 types fire ratings XPS board. B1 Oxygen Index of >30, B2 Oxygen Index of >26 and non flame retardant boards.

Dimensional stability

The maximum shrinkage of XPS insulation board is lower 2%.


XPS boards are available in yellow, pink, blue, white and green. Among these color, white is regular color.

Specific Dimension

XPS board’s length has nothing to do with price. If you need custom dimension, maybe XPS board would charge you a litte if your quantity is small.

Loading Extruded Polystyrene Board
Loading Extruded Polystyrene Board

Payment terms

Payment terms are closely related to price.


If your order is big, you can negotiate with manufacturers for competitive price.