How to Choose Appropriate XPS Production Line?

Knowing the diffetence of each type of XPS production line is vital for your project. In his post, I will let you know how to choose suitable XPS production line.

Choosing suitable XPS production line is important for your each buyer. But how to select appropriate XPS production machine? According to your demands and budget, everyone has the optimized option. Blowing agents; The specification of XPS foam board; Capacity & Equipment configuration are the four factors that affect the selection of XPS extrusion line.


Blowing Agents

Each country has different regulations on foaming agent of XPS insulation board. Before choosing blowing agents for your XPS machine, you’d better do investigation.

Blowing agents preference

ItemFormulaVapour Pressure at 25℃/KpaBoiling Point/℃ODPGWP
HCFC 22CHF2Cl1040– 40.70.0551700
CO2CO26448– 78.501
ButaneC4H10243.6– 0.4505
IsobutaneC4H10351.7– 11.705

The Specification of XPS Foam Board

From the following table, you can know better about the specification of XPS foam board which produced by XPS production line.

1st ExtruderMMTS75TS7595T110T
2nd ExtruderMMSS150SS200SS250SS300
Voltage380V 3 Phase380V 3 Phase380V 3 Phase380V 3 Phase380V 3 Phase
Required SpaceM42x10x460x12x680x15x6100x15x6
Machine WeightTon18222630


From the abvoed table, we can realise that the larger extruder, the bigger capacity.



 XPS Extrusion Line Detailed Configuration

1 Automatic Feeding System1 SetMixing & Feeding
21st Twin Screw Extruder 1 SetMelting Raw Materials
3Blowing Agent Injecting System1 SetCO2 + Other Blowing Agents
4Hydraulic Screen Exchanger1 SetChanging Screen Instantly
52nd Single Screw1 SetCooling Raw Materials
6Static Mixer1 SetMixing Materials Thoroughly
7Mould (Slot Die)1 SetExtruding Materials Out
8Calibrator1 SetShaping XPS Board
91st Haul-off Unit1 SetHaul-off
10Cooling Racks1 SetCooling XPS Board Naturally
11Width Cutting System1 SetCutting Width
122nd Haul-off System1 SetHaul-off
13Surface Planing & Grooving Machine1 SetPlaning the Surface & making grooves on
14Central Dust Collecting Device1 SetPlaning the Surface & making grooves on
15Length Cutting System1 SetCutting Length with Blade
16Transverse Conveying Unit1 SetTransverse Conveying
17Automatic Stacking Unit1 SetStacking
18Automatic Packing Unit1 SetPacking
19Recycling Machine1 SetRecycling XPS to Granules

XPS extrusion line adopts CO2 technology, using GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene), other Blowing Agent like CO2 / Butane / LPG / DME, Nucleating Agent and high performance Fire Retardants as the raw materials to mass produce the nearly 100% closed-cell XPS Foam Board.