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XPS Production Line XPS Foam Board

Equipped with Static Mixer
Equipped with Static Mixer
Equipped with Static Mixer


XPS Production Line

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Ourgreen XPS Board in Cold Store
Cold Store is an important apparatus for food Freezing, Storing and Transportation. It is highly concerned for its huge Electricity Consumption.
The inside Building Envelope and Insulation Layer takes up 20%-35% of energy consumption, hence the choice of Insulation Material determines efficiency of such Cold Store . 
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Ourgreen XPS Board in Cold Chain Logistic Truck
Nowadays, more and more customers use Ourgreen XPS board as substitution to Polyurethane in this regard, for the fact that XPS bears following reasons:
Long-term Thermal Resistance: almost 99% Closed Pores gain advantage over PU as 80%; It is totally safe to transport goods.
Ourgreen XPS Board in Housing Industrialization
​Housing Industrialization replaces traditional distributed and less efficient hand-made building construction by industrialized mass production of houses in modernized Delivering, Installing and Managing way.

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