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Ourgreen Twin Screw CO2 XPS Production Line 75T / 200 for Extruded Styrofoam

CO2 XPS Production Line OGTS 75T/200

Nanjing Ourgreen High Torque Twin Screw Extruder Characteristics


1. Twin Screw Extruder mixes solid raw materials more thoroughly,hence final XPS structure is more uniform and quality is better;

2. Twin Screw Extruder mix Blowing Agents well with Solid Materials, which helps to reduce XPS Density;

3.  Twin Screw Extruder brings large capacity, which reduces unit production cost;


The High Capacity, Automatic XPS Production Line 95T/300 includes not only the basic configuration but also other automatic parts at customers' choice. 


For example, 6 Station Automatic Feeding System, Central Dust Collecting System, On-line Surface Planing & Surface Grooving System, Automatic Stacking Unit, Transverse Conveying Unit and Automatic Packing Unit.  


Nanjing Ourgreen applies CO2 Blowing Agents System other than HCFCs in the Automatic XPS Production Line. 

Nanjing Ourgreen XPS Production Line Details

Product Name

Advanced XPS Extrusion Line


Extruding XPS Foam Board

Machine Model

OGTS 75T/200



Blowing Agents

CO2 + LPG/Butane/DME

Product Thickness


Product Width


Product Density


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